Selected papers from the conference will be published in peer-reviewed journals of Information Processing in Agriculture and Field Crops Research. Efforts are also on to publish a few selected papers in some more journals with good impact factors.

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Online Abstract submission

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Potential Topics (but not limited to)

  • ICT for agricultural development
  • IoAgT (Internet of Agriculture Things) in Precision Agriculture
  • Agri-Sensor networks and applications
  • Precision agriculture
  • Agri-ontologies and the semantic web
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture
  • Farm Machinery and Robotics
  • E-commerce in Agriculture
  • Agricultural Bio-informatics
  • Agricultural Nanotechnologies
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS) for farmers
  • Environment Control in agriculture
  • High Throughput Plant Phenotyping
  • Big Data analytics in Agriculture
  • Optimization and modeling in agricultural systems
  • Spatial variability in agricultural systems
  • Food Safety and Traceability
  • Geospatial technologies in agriculture and natural resources
  • Hyperspectral remote sensing applications in agriculture
  • Management of agricultural data
  • Sustainable and resilient agriculture